Laelia Extensions - We Give You Luxurious Hair

Laelia Extensions is a reflection of your of your personality and inner beauty. You can feel beautiful and confident with our hair 100% human hair products. We offer REMY hair products, meaning the hair cuticles are all in the same direction and is from AAAA grade production. That means, each bundle of human hair feels thick, silky and soft. Bundles are sold individually in 3.5 oz weight. You'll need at least 2 bundles for a full hair weave.

There is NOTHING synthetic or fake about our hair! All of our human hair bundles allow you to apply heat to your hair without damaging it. That makes for hundreds are styling options for everyday wear or any special occasion. And, you should try out a closure. Yes, a closure makes it easier to create a natural parting for your hair and it blends easily with  tracks to give your weave a professional finish.